About the owner

I'm Sheryl Roberts and I am a jack of all trades and a master at most! I'm a professional model and actress with more than 20 years of experience,as well as an ex-wife, mom and entrepreneur with a passion for vintage fashion! A few more things you should know about me. I"m a tomboy, I played 5 different sports in high school and had a scholarship in track and field at the University of Texas Arlington. I'm a fierce competitor and I still workout for fitness. I'm a Southern girl born and raised in Texas. I"m a foodie, I love to eat!

How did I make the transition from fashion model? Gracing the covers of magazines such as Ebony, Essence Total Makeover, and Heart & Soul to creating the lifestyle brand and eco-conscious vintage clothing company IndigoStyle Vintage? NATURALLY! My mother is an antiques dealer so I grew up going to garage sales and flea markets.  As an avid vintage shopper, I have developed a keen eye for quality. Traveling for years as a runway, showroom and print model helped me create the foundation for sourcing stylish eclectic apparel at affordable prices.

I have done more than 80 commercials for companies such as Crest, Dove, Southwest Airlines and Ford.Training in improvisation at Upright Citizens Brigade, hosting and spokesperson technique at Actors Connection as well as film and television experience have laid the groundwork for my fearless approach to life. I live for film, fashion, food, photography and travel.

Combined it's like a blank canvas and I am able to create and experience whatever I want!